It’s hard to mask our enthusiasm for the 1770 Bowls Club, because we are a non-profit Bowls Club.


We’re not in it for the money. Like you, we are in it for the FUN that bowling represents, and how such an enjoyable activity can promote closer ties in a community.



There’s no better proof of this than our very own 1770 Bowls Club. You can find us at 205 Captain Cook Drive, and that’s on real estate that was donated by Lance and Carol Woodrow. It’s because of their generosity that we have the space to congregate and enjoy ourselves.


The 1770 Bowls Club is also supported by the generosity and tireless efforts of our regular members and our “Social” members, with the assistance of our many sponsors and the patronage of the entire community. You won’t believe how much blood and sweat were sacrificed by our members as they went through numerous fund-raising events to build the 1770 Bowls Club. It is a testament to hard work and a monument to community camaraderie.


So now we have our 1770 Bowls Club location. Here we have a nice green with a woven carpet that’s perfect for bowling. Don’t worry about the heat, because you’re protected by our retractable shade cover which offers 80% UV protection. You may get a nice tan from the sun, but you won’t get sunburned with that kind of cover!


Tuesdays and Saturdays

On these days, we hold our regular Social Bowls. Drop in your names by 12:15 PM, and the games starts promptly at 1 PM. Don’t be late! The games are scheduled up to 4:15 PM on both Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Fun Friday activities

Here at 1770, we usher in the weekend with our special Bare Foot Bowls every Friday. Why wear shoes at all? The lawn feels nice, so let your feet be free! It all starts at 3 PM up to 5:30 PM. It’s a great way to relax, and it emphasizes a more carefree attitude from the stuffy lawn bowl rules of conduct. This is quite a popular pastime nowadays for younger folks.

And don’t worry, as you can celebrate the coming of the weekend properly because the bar is open during this time. But what about when you get the munchies? If you are jonesing for a snack, from 5 PM to 6 PM the hamburgers only cost a measly $6. You get a snack and you get to contribute in the upkeep of the joint.

Prime Timers

Of course, we also pay attention to the social needs of our more senior members. That’s why we have Prime Timers, which is a fantastic group of elders who meet regularly at the 1770 Bowls Club.

Every two weeks, they get together and socialize to exchange news and gossip. They also share a very nice meal, which wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks. There’s also a few hands of cards to pass away the time. This is a great way for elderly folks to brag about their kids and grandkids!


So what are you waiting for? Contact us and help support the 1770 Bowls Club. Our only reward is the fun we share!